A Careful Industries update

This is not so much a weeknote as a “two-year note” — an attempt to pull together the different strands of work we’re doing at Careful Industries and our (very new) not-for-profit arm, Promising Trouble and explain why we’re doing it. Like everyone always says, we’re working on our website, but I’ve scattered links to some of our projects through this post.

How we got here

I set-up Careful Industries (by which I mean I bought the domain name and did the paperwork at Companies House) two years ago last week. And while, in some ways, pandemic life has changed the world utterly since then, the bee I had in my bonnet then, as now, was that I wanted to explore a more careful, collective approach to innovation.

What we’re doing now

Two years later, Careful Industries is now five people, with a growing network of freelancers and associates. Working with curious, talented, caring people is loads of fun, and I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to be part of building such a brilliant new team.

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