Community Tech in Action

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Who is building community tech?

We have been inspired by the way a number of community businesses are making or using Community Tech. Innovative organisations including Loomio, My Society, Knowle West Media Centre, and Chilli Studios have all pioneered use of technology made for or by communities to do very different things and support different kinds of outcomes.

  • ambitious, enthusiastic, motivated and proactive
  • committed to sharing their work with others and being transparent with their communities
  • willing to take risks and open to change
  • take a consultative approach to bring their staff and members on the community tech journey with them.

Why are they doing it?

Motivations generally fell into two categories.

What are the conditions for success?

The ‘why’ is really important. Community businesses we spoke to had a clear vision, and a well-defined problem they were trying to solve. They could articulate why a tech solution was most appropriate, and how it would complement and support their core values.

Power to change logo — blue writing on a white background. Power to change on the left, “business in community hands” on the right.



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Rachel Coldicutt

Rachel Coldicutt


Exploring careful innovation, community tech and networked care. Day job: @carefultrouble .