Freelance Brief: HR Consultant Needed!

Careful Industries is a microbusiness based in the UK, run by Rachel Coldicutt. We have a plan for gentle growth in 2021 and are looking for a freelance inclusive HR expert for a short, foundational project.

The Project

Work with Rachel to hire our first member of staff — our Operations Manager

  • Effort and time frame: up to 5 days of consulting and delivery, to take place between late January and early March 2021
  • Fee: c. £3,000

We need help to operationalise our values from the very beginning. Specifically, to:

  • Ensure our initial policies and approach to hiring are inclusive, flexible, sustainable and progressive
  • Scope and co-author the Operations Manager job description; this will include helping to define/describe the role and determine an appropriate benefits package
  • Help us to find the right person — from advertising and getting the word out, to shortlisting and (potentially) interviewing

About Careful Industries

“Living successfully in a world of systems requires more of us than our ability to calculate. It requires our full humanity — our rationality, our ability to sort out truth from falsehood, our intuition, our compassion, our vision, and our morality.”

Donella Meadows, Dancing with Systems

What do we do?

Careful Industries understands and anticipates the social impact of technology. Our research makes visible the current and future consequences of social and technical change, and we design and deliver technology policy, governance and training solutions that centre equity and social justice.

Who do we do it for?

We run our own projects (funded and unfunded) and also take commissions from clients.

How do we do it?

We are a small, values-driven business. The work we take on often involves navigating change and ambiguity, so there is not a repeatable template: we bring a combination of multi-disciplinary research, horizon scanning, communications expertise, strong networks, and practical technology experience.

Our values

  • Care is the organising principle for everything we do: care for and about people and the planet, combined with a rigorous and diligent approach to investigating uncertainty.
  • We are constantly learning, always curious, and strive to be inclusive and accepting.
  • We champion patient innovation, inclusive growth, and feminism for the 99%.
  • We are wayfinders not competitors.

Expressions of Interest

Please send short (up to 1 A4-side) expressions of interest, explaining how you would approach the project, and with two examples of previous relevant projects to by 12pm on Monday 25 January.



Exploring careful innovation, community tech and networked care. Day job: @carefultrouble .

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Rachel Coldicutt

Exploring careful innovation, community tech and networked care. Day job: @carefultrouble .