Re: your point about the pragmatism of real-life regulation, I do think some of the most effective regulation will happen via unofficial channels — phone calls that happen when things get right up to the “creepy line”, informal chats about testing boundaries, furrowed brows about putative plans, and that a bunch of other things will need to be more formally tested against shared standards. Standards present a slog of their own, but the other big challenge is *where on earth* those people will come from who know how ad tech works, who can hold pursuit of AGI to account, who can spot a dark pattern, and who can say, “Yeah, maybe don’t do that…” (As a side note, it’s interesting what a part personality can play in this: how, for instance, Margarethe Vestager is synonymous with EU regulation, even though she is of course just one among many.)

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Feminist. Responsible technologist. Reading and writing on equality, automation and climate crisis. On sabbatical-ish. Formerly @doteveryone .

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